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Add AI To Your Testing

Stop wasting time and money manually clicking or writing test scripts. AI testing agents have the basics covered.

Real, cutting-edge AI trained by the most experienced testers on the planet. GenAI means the machines can do some of the basic work so you don't have to.

The AI testing agents autonomously analyze your app, generate important test cases, execute them, and produce a report that anyone can quickly understand.

Testers and Engineers can quickly scan the results and decide what is important to fix. People can also personalize and guide the testing agents with simple prompts.


Plans for everyone.

Cloud / Standard
  • All Standard Checks Unlocked
  • Weekly Re-Runs
  • All User Flow Test Suggestions
  • Test Reports
  • API
On-Premise / Custom
  • Customization via Prompts
  • On-Premise
  • Unlimited Runs
  • Automated User Flows
  • Custom Integrations


The fastest and smartest way to add AI to your testing.


Free AI Testing! Get your app tested by AI testing agents for free! Just share your app URL and the agents will email you the results.


Mission: Checkie.AI is on a mission to test all the world's apps and make the results universally accessible. Most apps don't have any testing, and even the largest engineering teams don't get enough testing. Checkie.AI testing agents create the tests, execute them, and deliver the results in a report that even the busiest tech executive can read and understand. We believe that if test coverage and quality information are made universal--the quality of software will improve, engineering will speed up, and the world will be just a little less frustrating.